About ZyLAB

"ZyLAB is the only option to scale for more data"

In today’s data intensive climate, enterprises are looking for ways to harness the power of the mountains of data at their disposal. Whether it’s for litigation, regulatory inquiries, compliance requests or operational improvements, ZyLAB can help you take control of that data and leverage it to increase productivity, mitigate risk, reduce costs, and gain business insights to drive strategic business decisions. As the data volume continues to increase exponentially, we are the only option that can scale to meet your ever growing data needs.

ZyLAB has over 30 years of experience and expertise in the eDiscovery and Information Governance space. We have continued to invest in our technologies to bring to market the most advanced offerings in order to meet the needs of our customer. ZyLAB customers express high satisfaction with our responsiveness and attention to requirements. Our solution is trusted by Fortune 1000 companies, government and regulatory agencies for litigation, investigations, discovery and information governance. ZyLAB customers include: UN Tribunal Council, the White House and AzkoNobel, to name a few. We are the only solution that is NARA and Capstone compliant.

The ZyLAB History

The ZyLAB Timeline
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