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Bridging the Gap Between IT and Legal

 27-08-2015 (208)

According to Gartner “most organizations are ill equipped to deal with eDiscovery. And the reason is that the records management policies are misaligned with IT processes.” Thus, resulting in the disruptive nature of eDiscovery. Why should IT and Legal teams care if their policies and processes don’t align? The main reason is the...

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European Commission Anti-Fraud Office Recovers 901 Million EUR

 21-08-2015 (274)

E-Discovery is costly and time consuming, and organizations around the world are constantly seeking justification for their eDiscovery investment. With so much data that must be processed and reviewed, the fastest way to gain a return on your investment is to reduce the amount of data  involved. This is especially true for investigations where...

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How to Avoid a Train Wreck with Email Archiving

 13-08-2015 (355)

If you’ve seen the documentary “A Decade in Discovery” which tracks an attorney’s quest to find a better way to search White House emails, you quickly realize that even back then the volume of emails was enormous. Manually processing 20 million emails took 6 months and 25 people. Today’s litigation cases cont...

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Top 5 Tips for Handling Complex Data Formats

 24-07-2015 (498)

When performing to a discovery request, you want it to go as smoothly as possible. However, the existence of complex data formats can often slow the process and create complications when none is needed. So what are complex data formats? These can include audio files, schematics and graphs, databases, and foreign languages. When dealing with ...

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Building a Business Case for Information Governance

 15-07-2015 (577)

When companies embark on an eDiscovery solution, there is little need for a discussion on budget because there is a fire that needs to be immediately put out. There is no time to discuss budget, ROI or build a business case. However, Information Governance (IG) is a different story. It’s a long term investment by the organization to get its i...

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