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Webinar: How to Keep Your Mission-Critical Data Safe in a Cloud-Connected World

 27-10-2015 (100)

Today, businesses of all sizes are facing real challenges to cut costs, and streamline processes to operate more efficiently – and they’re looking for innovative ways to get the job done. To that end, cloud computing offers enterprises countless benefits, including the cost savings and flexibility they need to remain competitive. But o...

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Considering eDiscovery in the Cloud?

 22-09-2015 (615)

As companies decide to store more and more of their data in the cloud, eDiscovery in the cloud is becoming the new way of conducting a discovery process. However, with eDiscovery it is essential that certain questions and issues are addressed to ensure that data can be accessed and retrieved when needed. Here are some issues to take into considerat...

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Three Tips for Successfully Bringing eDiscovery in-house

 09-09-2015 (609)

Every organization wants control of their data…that means knowing what they have and where it is. However, that is becoming more difficult as data becomes more varied and grows in volume. This can be challenging especially during a discovery process. If your electronic house is not in order, you will have a very difficult time finding anythi...

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Bridging the Gap Between IT and Legal

 27-08-2015 (710)

According to Gartner “most organizations are ill equipped to deal with eDiscovery. And the reason is that the records management policies are misaligned with IT processes.” Thus, resulting in the disruptive nature of eDiscovery. Why should IT and Legal teams care if their policies and processes don’t align? The main reason is the...

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European Commission Anti-Fraud Office Recovers 901 Million EUR

 21-08-2015 (875)

E-Discovery is costly and time consuming, and organizations around the world are constantly seeking justification for their eDiscovery investment. With so much data that must be processed and reviewed, the fastest way to gain a return on your investment is to reduce the amount of data  involved. This is especially true for investigations where...

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