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Automating the FOIA Process

 March 15, 2016 (683)

Proactively Preparing for FOIA and Public Records Act Requests It was a pleasure to sponsor last week’s ACEDS webinar featuring Mr. Daniel J. Metcalfe, the founding director of the Department’s Office of Information and Privacy (OIP). In the early days, Mr. Metcalfe guided all federal agencies on the government-wide administration of t...

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Process, Technology and Transparency in FOIA and Public Records

 March 02, 2016 (748)

Volume and Complexity The volume and complexity of FOIA and public records requests continues to grow exponentially and it has become an urgent process and technology problem for federal, state and local government agencies. Exacerbating these challenges are the increasing IT complexities of data collection as well as the legal complexities of det...

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LegalTech New York 2016: Tech-Savvy Legal & Business Leaders Look to the Future

 February 17, 2016 (475)

While some recent LTNY shows have revolved around the explosive new growth of particular technologies like Technology Assisted Review (TAR) or focus areas like Information Governance (IG) or Cybersecurity, at LTNY16 these same trends were all present and yet, it was evident from sessions, booth demos, and client meetings that the conversations have...

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All Your Data in Azure and then the Regulator Comes Knocking…

 November 25, 2015 (655)

The role of the modern information and data manager is more complex than ever and Cloud computing ads an important challenge to his or her list of responsibilities. Almost every company today has moved data to the cloud or is considering to do so. The continuous pressure to cut IT-budgets, the ease, stability and functionality that the cloud offers...

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Webinar: How to Keep Your Mission-Critical Data Safe in a Cloud-Connected World

 October 27, 2015 (698)

Today, businesses of all sizes are facing real challenges to cut costs, and streamline processes to operate more efficiently – and they’re looking for innovative ways to get the job done. To that end, cloud computing offers enterprises countless benefits, including the cost savings and flexibility they need to remain competitive. But o...

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