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Top 5 Tips for Handling Complex Data Formats

 24-07-2015 (165)

When performing to a discovery request, you want it to go as smoothly as possible. However, the existence of complex data formats can often slow the process and create complications when none is needed. So what are complex data formats? These can include audio files, schematics and graphs, databases, and foreign languages. When dealing with ...

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Building a Business Case for Information Governance

 15-07-2015 (294)

When companies embark on an eDiscovery solution, there is little need for a discussion on budget because there is a fire that needs to be immediately put out. There is no time to discuss budget, ROI or build a business case. However, Information Governance (IG) is a different story. It’s a long term investment by the organization to get its i...

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E-Discovery Is More Than Just Emails

 08-07-2015 (305)

When most people talk about eDiscovery, email is usually the most common form of communication that comes to mind. And with good reason given that email remains the most important form of communication for organizations. Given its importance, it is understandable why it is also the first data that is requested during a litigation. While most organi...

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The Latest Buzzword - Information Governance

 25-06-2015 (547)

By now companies realize that the most important assets they have within their possession is the data that they collect. Whether it be transaction data, internal communications, emails, or social media, there is a lot of it. However, what they’ve been slower to realize is that the same data if not properly managed can be an enormous risk espe...

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How Does Your Organization Protect its Personal Identifiable Information (PII)?

 03-06-2015 (546)

Every year, we file our personal income taxes with the IRS. These filings contain our personal information such as social security number, address, birthdate, and annual income; all personal information that could be used to steal our identities. And that is exactly what happened a week ago, when the IRS became the latest victim of a security breac...

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