M&A, Contract Discovery & Review

eDiscovery for M&A, Contract DISCOVERY & Review

ZyLAB's proven search and analysis tools use advanced search, text-mining, natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning techniques from the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to define, search, find and index relevant documentation and identifies and extracts particular information such as pricing and payment terms; expiration or renewal dates; countries and locations, products and quantity, confidentiality and liability provisions, change of control, and customized specific clauses.


  • Automatically shift and filter agreements from non-agreements and automatically analyze and classify the content of specific contractual documents to get immediate insight in your contractual obligations, risks and opportunities. Directly fill a contract management system with the discovered information.
  • Identify deal risks by analyzing content of contracts before you upload them into a virtual data room and deal with these threats in advance.
  • Both buying and selling party can escrow the Data Room for future search after closing of the deal.
  • Highest level of completeness, efficiency and quality of Due Diligence preparation.