Law Enforcement, Regulatory &
Internal Investigations

eDiscovery for Investigations

Today’s investigators are constantly battling the ever increasing mountain of electronic evidence in their search for the truth. As data continues to grow and become more varied and complex, it becomes more difficult to examine everything at the detailed forensic level. ZyLAB Investigation dramatically simplifies the process of mining vast amounts of electronically stored information (ESI) for law enforcement, regulatory, and internal fraud investigations. With ZyLAB, you will find more relevant information, faster and with less resources than with any other solution.

ZyLAB Investigation is trusted for some of the largest and most notorious corporate fraud and war criminal investigations in the world. The United Nations has standardized on ZyLAB technology for its war crime tribunals, and the European Anti-Fraud office has been using ZyLAB since 1998 for all its investigations while staying compliant with the strict European data protection regulations.

Benefits of the Investigation Solution

  • Collect and process from disparate storage media, various forensic collection tools, in any language and from any type of locations.
  • Full integrated platform supports all functionality required by modern investigation teams; features include forensic data extraction, deep full-text search, text-mining, content-analysis, audio search, machine translation, multi-media analysis, intelligent redaction and advanced data visualization.
  • APIs to easily integrate with your existing investigative technology.
  • Fully compliant with Data Protection & Privacy regulations around the world.