FOIA and Public Records Requests

Public Records Act and FOIA Requests

Data volumes have increased and relevant data roams across your agency network, in the cloud and social channels. The Freedom of Information Act allows the general public access to previously undisclosed records under the control of the federal government. The burden to produce the public information within a strict time frame lies with the government agency. Local and state government have adopted similar laws. In the European Union and other countries, several similar regulations exist or will come into effect soon.

These information requests require an agency to act immediately to ensure that all relevant information about a specific topic or an individual is identified, collected, processed, reviewed, redacted and disclosed, a process very similar to an eDiscovery. ZyLAB has enhanced its eDiscovery solution to meet the specific requirements for FOIA and Public Records Act requests. Our software enables government agencies to proactively prepare for FOIA and Public Records Act requests and make discovery costs predictable.

Benefits of ZyLAB for FOIA & Public Records

  • Estimate page count of disclosure before production giving the request an estimate of costs;
  • Provide a workflow tool to support the Open Records Act process of review and exceptions; maintain logs on how disclosure is made;
  • Produce in open format (PDF) and NARA accepted format;
  • Ability to integrate with ZyLAB Enterprise Information Archiving solution so past disclosures can be archived.