ZyLAB celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year!

ZyLAB was founded in 1983 with the release of ZyINDEX, the first full-text retrieval software for the personal computer.

By 1993, ZyLAB had released integrated OCR and scanning, fuzzy search, the ZyIMAGE Webserver and ZyALERT, the tool that revolutionized document retrieval and automated document scanning, indexing, imaging and full-text retrieval, as well as document collaboration over the Web and intranets.

In 2005, ZyLAB's entire product suite was rewritten as ZyIMAGE 5.0, which added new features for data acquisition, searching and sharing, collaboration, security, auditing, automatic language recognition and a framework for e-mail archiving.

By 2007, ZyLAB established its award winning ZyIMAGE Information Access Platform (IAP) and several system deployments tailored for eDiscovery, Investigations and Intelligent Data Migration and Big Data Risk Management.

ZyLAB has always enjoyed consistent revenue growth and profitability while being completely funded through its own resources.

the History of zYlab

1983 ZyLAB introduces ZyINDEX, the first full-text retrieval software for the personal computer. This software enables users to index electronic files, first in MS-DOS, and then later in a Windows 16-bit environment. It did not include any scanning or OCR functionalities.
1989 First to offer CD publishing for PCs.
1991 ZyLAB releases proprietary fuzzy search technology that revolutionizes the nature of document retrieval. This technology allows for search results that are similar (though not equal) to the search query. Furthermore, fuzzy search technology can generate results from documents that contain OCR errors, thereby eliminating the conventional need for costly post-OCR editing.

ZyLAB is used to investigate the deadliest aviation accident in the Netherlands, known as "The Bijlmer Ramp"
1993 ZyLAB releases the ZyIMAGE Webserver and ZyALERT, products that laid the foundation for a complete line of software that automates document scanning, indexing, imaging and full-text retrieval. ZyLAB also enables publishing and document sharing through the Internet or a company's intranet.
 1995  ZyLAB's software is used at some notorious and high profile criminal investigations, among which the FBI-investigation of the Uni-bomber and in the infamous O.J. Simpson trial.
1998 New image-centric technology is introduced by ZyLAB. This technology enables the display of search results directly on the scanned image rather than in plain text. The underlying ASCII text (typically generated through OCR) remains accessible and can be used for many purposes, such as word processing.
2000 ZyLAB develops full support for more than 200 languages (the most for any PC product at the time; ZyLAB later expands to support 400 languages) and seamless "one-click-archiving" integration with almost all digital copiers and multi-functional scan/printing devices for optimal user experience.
2003 ZyLAB introduces a complete product-line overhaul: ZyIMAGE 5.0. It contains a host of new and enhanced functionality and products covering data acquisition, enhanced collaboration, security and audit controls, OCR and automatic multi-language recognition, and a complete framework for paper, electronic document, email and multimedia archiving. This new product line leverages an open and scalable architecture and contains a full open-source XML framework for data storage and product integration.

ZyLAB is used in the Enron case, the largest corporate fraud investigation in US history.
2005 New features are added to ZyIMAGE: fully integrated advanced visualization, text mining and text analytics products, as well as capabilities based upon advanced linguistic, pattern recognition, statistical, semantic, and other artificial intelligence principles. ZyIMAGE Federator was released to search in parallel over many (Web-based) ZyIMAGE repositories.
2006  The eDiscovery and eDisclosure solutions of ZyLAB become the standard for all United Nations-backed War Crime Tribunals
2007 ZyLAB establishes its award-winning ZyIMAGE Information Access Platform (IAP), bundling all of its capabilities into a single solution that provides an optimal framework for a number of specialized, all-in-one deployments:

eDiscovery and Production
Compliance and Litigation Readiness
Law Enforcement & Investigations
Digital & Print Media Archiving
Communications Intelligence & Security
Enterprise Information Management

These system deployments feature their own specific technologies, competitive pricing, best-practice working methods (including quality control and chain of custody forms) and professional services.
2008 Release of the ZyIMAGE SharePoint connector and the Google Web-Search Engine integration, together with royalty-free TIFF production, near and exact de-duplication, machine translation and the ZyIMAGE Analytics server. Search Federation with the ATOM standard is available.
2010 ZyLAB Information Management Platform was released, an integrated solution to address eDiscovery and Information Management problems.
2011  ZyLAB Software granted US Patent by the US PTO
ZyLAB releases new eDiscovery product on revolutionary new virtual machine platform that is infinitely scalable and flexible and offers automatic load balancing.
ZyLAB is the first to offer integrated machine translations in eDiscovery.
2012 ZyLAB releases revolutionary new patented search engine able to index enormous data collections at incredible speed.
ZyLAB is the first to introduce integrated Audio Search in an eDiscovery platform.
ZyLAB is the first with software and full methodology for Defensible Disposition and Intelligent data (cloud) migrations based on content of documents. 
 2013 ZyLAB starts extensive Big Data Risk Management Program for support organizations to minimize (legal) risks in their Big Data.
ZyLAB is first on the market to incorporate true native visual search and categorization in its eDiscovery and Information Management solution.

This continued innovation and leadership - coupled with the subsequent value that such innovation delivers to clients - remains a primary driver for ZyLAB to this day. The breadth and depth of ZyLAB technology yields the best variety of software and solutions to meet the information management and investigation needs of any type of organization.