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ZyLAB delivers high-quality, modular eDiscovery software and services that are tailored to any environment, from serial litigants bringing the process in-house to organizations that need to outsource some of the work for an impending legal deadline. We offer a full-scale eDiscovery system behind your firewall, a cloud-based platform, and a la carte services with rapid project turnaround.


ZyLAB software dramatically simplifies the process of mining vast amounts of paper and electronically stored information during internal fraud investigations and regulatory probes. Our technology collects and processes content from disparate storage media; then it offers forensic indexing, data enrichment, and robust technology to help investigators review, analyze, and disclose material evidence.


ZyLAB fosters enterprise-wide corporate governance by helping you to implement practical, day-to-day records management policies, easily enforce their compliance, and quickly access information when you need it. Our software supports the creation, administration, maintenance, archiving and disposal of millions of dynamic and static files—from e-mail, to legal agreements, to customer and employee records, and any other content archives.


ZyLAB software streamlines the process of responding to information requests as part of FOIA, regulatory, or legal disclosures. Our technology makes vast types and quantities of information easily accessible and includes tools to quickly redact, mark, and produce selected content in a format that is appropriate for each recipient.



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What It Is & Why We Need It

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ZyLAB eDiscovery and Information Management Tools Give You Complete Control of Your Most Critical Information

ZyLAB is one of few software and services vendors to develop proven eDiscovery and information management tools that span the entire Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM). ZyLAB leverages digitally-sustainable XML archives to foster long-term archiving of enterprise content and to accelerate the collection and processing of data that is potentially responsive to litigation. In fact, industry analysts have disclosed that ZyLAB is on course to process as much as 1TB per hour. Few companies can deliver the same level of performance as ZyLAB, and no other electronic discovery vendor also has a documented pedigree that you can trust and reference during your own important cases.

Trusted in the Highest-Profile Legal Cases
ZyLAB has been proven during dozens of history-making cases, including the largest criminal investigation in US history, the largest white collar corporate fraud investigations, and the historic international war crime tribunals. Our eDiscovery and information management tools address the needs of both IT and legal professionals, as well as the challenges faced by records managers and compliance officers.

Puts You in Command of Your Data
MZyLAB’s information management software puts you in command of all enterprise data—not just eDiscovery collections, thereby enabling the earliest early case assessment. Our eDiscovery tools build upon our information management platform to implement legal holds and data preservation, execute initial and incremental collections, pre-tag and reduce data, review, analyze and code data, and output eDiscovery productions in any number of load file formats with the metadata intact.

ZyLAB eDiscovery Services Improve Productivity and Reduce the Burden on Staff
ZyLAB is among an elite group of companies developing eDiscovery software which fully aligns with EDRM and also delivers professional eDiscovery services. Our litigation services are offered in parallel with our eDiscovery tools and software so at any time ZyLAB clients can opt to bring portions in-house without disruption to the matter or processes.

Get Answers to All of Your eDiscovery Questions
ZyLAB is consistently positioned in the top tier of information management and eDiscovery vendors.
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